Washer Screw

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    Washer Screw


    Washer Screw

    Washer Screw on Hawkplant

    The washer screw of CY is the ideal preparation for the reclassification, to free the raw material from and clay tubers. Even heavily polluted construction raw materials and industrial minerals are processed in a highly efficient manner.

    The Washer Screw At Work

    The cleaning process begins with the introduction of the contaminated material into the washer screw at the bottom of the trough. The counter-rotating washer screws transport the material to the upper trough spout. The impact and friction rub the loamy and clay-containing ingredients so that they are finely distributed in the water. The machine carries out the purified material at the upper trough end, impurities and light materials are deposited with the water at the lower trough end.

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